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C16-B Size 12 25ea Pack Crippled Emerger NS Black

290404-25 Gamakatsu
290404-25 Gamakatsu
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C16-B Size 12 25ea Pack Crippled Emerger NS Black

SKU: 290404-25 Gamakatsu

UPC: 089726099840

Crippled Emerger
Emerger Patterns, Mult-use
25 pk

Gamakatsu has been making premium quality hooks since 1955. Every hook is made using Gamakatsu’s Numbering System
own high quality, high carbon steel and is meticulously crafted to the highest of standards. Unlike other hook
manufacturers, Gamakatsu hooks are made in their own facility which is one of the most technologically
advanced in the world and their consistency is unmatched. What you’ll find in this catalog are 31 styles of
super sharp, super strong fly hooks made for the serious fly tyer and fly angler who will settle for nothing but
the best. While an investment in a good fly rod, fly reel, fly line and the knowledge on how to properly use
them can enhance the fly fishing experience, the hook is the one piece of equipment at the end of it all that
has to hang on to the object of pursuit. Don’t settle for anything less than Gamakatsu quality.

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