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Lindy AC100 Rigger Snells and Rig Keeper, 1Cd

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Product description


The Lindy Rigger is the ideal tool for keeping snells neat, tangle-free and convenient. Plus, it floats!


One of the most-effective walleye tactics, the Lindy Rig, also can be one of most frustrating if you don’t keep your snells and rigs organized. The Lindy Rigger keeps rigs and snells of any length neat, tangle-free and convenient. Manufactured out of high-density foam, anglers simply wrap the snell around the Rigger and secure the hook. The Rigger can then be tossed into a tackle box or boat compartment and you’ll never have to untangle a bird’s nest of snells again.

  • Multipule divisions keep snells seperate and tangle free
  • Provides quick and easy storage of snells, rigs, and harnesses
  • Lindy Riggers float!

Rigger does not include any lures!

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