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Hunters Specialties


00412 Hunters Specialties
00412 Hunters Specialties
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SKU: 00412

The Hunters Specialties® Nemesis Deer Call uses technology and convenience to easily produce the most realistic sounds of the entire deer herd.  This extremely versatile and infinitely adjustable call produces Doe Bleats, Young Buck Grunts, Rutting Buck and Mature Buck Grunts to adapt to the specific call needed to bring a certain buck in close.

There are no buttons to push to change the call sound; simply twist the mouthpiece and select the desired call which is labeled on the barrel.  Soft textured body keeps the call quiet and comfortable while in your hand or not in use, and the expandable bellows allow the caller to add inflection and fine tune the call tone.  With the versatility of the Nemesis, you'll never be caught without the right call in the woods.

• Versatile sounds from Doe Bleat to Dominant Buck Grunt

• Rotating mouthpiece to select desired call sound

• Adjustable bellow creates ultra-realistic tones

• Handy lanyard included

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