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Hammock Tree Straps

1780 Coghlans
1780 Coghlans
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Product description

This set of hammock straps is great if you want to extend the length of the the straps that are included with parachute hammocks, making it easier to hang a hammock in more locations. These straps also have a widened nylon sheath, to reduce damage to trees.
  • Contains 2 x 9’ (2.7 m) knotted hammock straps
  • Extends straps, making it easier to hang your hammock
  • Adjustable length
Wrap the strap around a sturdy tree or post and insert the knotted end through the loop end to create a cinch.
  • Pouch included
Caution: There is a certain amount of risk assumed in using a hammock. Use extreme caution when getting into or out of a hammock, as they may be unstable and present a falling risk. When hanging a hammock, be sure that the ground beneath the hammock is free of sharp or dangerous terrain or debris. Make sure that straps are secure and ready to bare the weight of the occupants, before getting into the hammock. When getting into a hammock, be sure that there are no sharp or flammable objects in your pockets or on your person. A hammock should not hang more than 18” from the ground when occupied.
These straps have a safe working load of 600 lbs. (272 kg)

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