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Pucci & Sons, Inc (P-Line)

P-Line CXFMG-20lb CX Premium Fluorocarbon-Coated Mono Filler

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Product description

P-Line CX Premium - Moss Green

P-Line CX Premium is the Ultimate Fluorocarbon Coated Co-Polymer Fishing Line is one of the most innovative lines available, combining copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies. With low memory and improved limpness, CX Premium eliminates the line nightmares of a spinning reel, and improves casting distance with a bait casting reel. The fluorocarbon-silicone coating virtually eliminates water absorption, so cold water and weather have little effect on line performance. With as much as 30% less stretch than average lines, it has increased sensitivity to detect and react to even the most subtle strikes. This is a great all-purpose premium line.

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